International ambassador: Emilia, MSc student from Germany

International ambassador: Emilia, MSc student from Germany

After living in L.A. for a few years, Emilia, an MSc student from Berlin, moved to Paris to study International Management and she does not regret her decision for a second … even if she arrived in Paris in the midst of a global pandemic!

Hello Emilia! Could you please introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello! My name is Emilia Dujardin, I am 25 and I’m from Berlin, Germany. After finishing my Bachelor in International Business Administration in Los Angeles, California, I moved to Paris to do my Master of Science in International Management. I have been living in Paris for roughly 8 months now.


You are enrolled in the MSc in International Management: what are your favourite classes and why?

My favourite classes were:

  • Understanding the Future: Megatrends & Strategic Foresight by M. Kalisz;
  • International Business by Mme Mrejen. 

I really loved Understanding the Future because it gave me the opportunity to discover the latest trends and technologies, which I found incredibly interesting. 

International Business was truly captivating as the teacher, Madame Mrejen, was really inspiring and incredibly knowledgeable in her field of expertise.

How would you describe student life at Paris School of Business?

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, our classes and activities were all online. Unfortunately, we could not participate in any events or activities in person. 

However, my class managed to connect online and sometimes even meet in person, which was amazing!  

How would you describe your social life at Paris School of Business?

I was able to make numerous international friends, mostly in my class. As I said before, we connected online and managed to arrange meet ups to study and explore Paris!

What does being an international ambassador for Paris School of Business consist in?

I have always enjoyed studying abroad and meeting new people on my way. 

Being an international ambassador for Paris School of Business means joining a broad network of international cooperation, which I love!


What do you like most about living in Paris?

Apart from being one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Paris is also a very international city as well as a business hub. 

Moving to Paris has been a blessing! And now that the pandemic is (hopefully) coming to an end, I can finally get to properly experience Parisian culture.

What about the language barrier with French people?

Although I had French lessons in school, my French was rather limited. I’m not going to lie, coming to Paris without knowing much of the language or the culture was challenging. I found it hard to interact with locals, either in French or in English. 

My advice to any international student: Speak, speak, speak! It got so much better once I got over my fear of speaking French in public. And ever since I started to make the effort to speak French, I realized that the locals really appreciate it and always try to help me!

Where do you live (stand-alone apartment, shared apartment…)? What would be your advice to fellow students looking for an accommodation in Paris?

As I did not know anyone in Paris before moving to the city, I had to look for an apartment online. There are plenty of websites on which students can find an accommodation. 

When I first moved to Paris, I lived in a shared apartment. I have since moved to my own little flat which I found through someone I met in Paris. 

I would really recommend making connections, asking around as well as checking social media to find an accommodation in Paris.

What has been your favorite experience in Paris so far?

I just love walking around the winding streets of the city and going to museums!

Anything in particular that you’d like to say to fellow international students who are contemplating studying in Paris School of Business?

If you are open-minded, if you love French culture and if you want to learn more about international business, Paris School of Business is the place to be!