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The world is changing pretty quickly. Old ideas and prejudices are falling fast. What constitutes the best employee, successful entrepreneur or ensures a long term career path is not necessarily what you expect. Better, cheaper, faster is often not the winner in the market. You can do everything right and still not win. Yet, you must do everything right in order to win. You must re-train yourself to question basic assumptions and not just think outside the box but get out of the box. 


To get a competitive advantage in a sea of MBA candidates, when the demands of your performance in your position, your team or group, your impact on the corporate bottom-line and from you as a person is high, you need many resources. That's why PSB offers an AMBA-accredited Intenational MBA, providing you with all the madatory skills for an bright career.


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 Be connected


To get the network, you need to be in the right place at the right time and you absolutely need an ecosystem. PSB Paris School of Business is located in Paris, the world’s luxury business capital, world’s tourism industry capital, Europe’s technology center and world’s 6th best entrepreneurial center with over 5,000 start-ups and 1,000 new startups per year.


Be global


PSB Paris School of Business has over 1,200 MBA alumni, professors and students from countries all around the world. This is your family that will provide you with the insight and support that is a must in today’s borderless & cross-cultured business.

Be smart & profitable


PSB Paris School of Business is AMBA accredited with the finest faculty and program focused on hands-on learning through business application, simulations and case work.  Step out of your zone, be exposed to the real world and gain the knowledge and experience that makes you unique and valuable.

Come live the great International MBA experience in Paris and apply now!

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