Hybridization in PSB courses and programs

Hybridization in PSB courses and programs

The higher education of executives is evolving as much as their skills and qualities as the digital transition drives new professional habits and new development challenges. Paris School of Business, already the most international of business schools, is adding a new interdisciplinary and multi-skill approach to its programs by taking advantage of the expertise of the many partners and institutions of the leading group to which it belongs, Galileo Global Education.

What is hybridization?

In scientific terms, hybridization is the crossing of two varieties or species, in professional terms it takes many different forms: 

Hybridization of the workplace 

The work time is done either remotely, or in "home office", meaning that the employee can work from his own place, a coworking space, or any other place that allows him/her to do so, or in the workplace, i.e. on the company's site, at the office that is allocated to him. The development of remote work has been particularly boosted by the successive periods of confinement linked to covid. 

Hybridization of skills and profiles

Recruiters as well as companies are looking for exceptional profiles to meet the new needs of their market: employees with a double hat, or at least with dual skills. The objective is to have personnel who are able to interact with and coordinate different teams or departments: technical team and commercial/business development, operational teams, field and IT department, Human Resources and IT department, web-marketing and development of digital tools, etc.

The digital transition has launched a race for hybrid profiles capable of meeting digital challenges, whether in terms of internal organization, product development or marketing and communication.

Two concrete aspects of this bilingualism predominate: 

  • The international character, with the ability to adapt to other cultures and styles, and the mastery of at least one other foreign language. 
  • The ability to understand the technical aspects of IT solutions while aiming at the company's performance and its commercial development is still rare compared to the demands of companies. 

The training of this type of profile is still in its infancy, and quality higher education is adapting its approach and teaching to this challenge.

Hybridization of education

The hybridization of competencies can only be achieved if it takes place throughout the training process. The permanent interdisciplinary approach is essential to the creation of hybridization: the student is simultaneously confronted with different domains which enter into resonance during his professional practice. It is through intellectual gymnastics and the creation of common reflexes, adapted to one or another specialty, that students acquire the ability to connect elements, information, and ideas.

The Paris School of Business has particularly taken the measure of this necessity through its hybrid teaching programs as well as its national and international double-diplomas.

PSB: a hybrid education thanks to a network of over 50 schools in France and abroad

Galileo Global Education gathers 54 schools on 91 campuses in 13 countries around the world, united around a unique approach: connecting the worlds of creation and management to foster innovation in all fields. Paris School of Business, one of the group's flagships, benefits from all the expertise of the various member schools in order to offer high quality hybrid courses: Inspiring Weeks.

Inspiring Weeks seminars are offered throughout the program. They offer students the opportunity to explore new universes, among these six : 

  • Leadership
  • Digital
  • Luxury, arts and culture
  • International
  • Start-up and innovation
  • Expertise

These highlights address a variety of themes in order to create a maximum of bridges, questioning and inspiration for students.

Soft skills and hybridization

The hybridization of students' profiles also aims to help them develop soft skills, human qualities that complement professional skills, which are now priority recruitment criteria: 

  • Ability to solve complex problems 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Creativity 
  • Management 
  • Team spirit 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Judgment and decision making 
  • Sense of service 
  • Negotiation 
  • Flexibility 

The open-mindedness, curiosity and ability to build bridges between fields acquired by PSB students through the hybridization of courses makes them better able to embrace a corporate culture and to invest in the projects for which they work while bonding with their colleagues. 

Hybridization of degrees: PSB's dual courses and double degrees

The hybridization of profiles trained at PSB is materialized by the choice of a double degree program and then obtaining a double diploma in the framework of one of the 30 partnerships between PSB and international higher education institutions. 

The student benefits from significant experience abroad as well as an additional dimension to his or her hybrid career path that is visible to the future employer thanks to this dual degree (Master's and professional certification).