Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

Student life, an integral part of the Paris School of Business campus

Student associations are an integral part of the campus. It allows students to take part in the student life, create links and build large-scale projects. It is also a way for them to gain professional experience and to stand out in their search for an internship, work-study or job.

Associations are a great way for our students to develop their ability to work in teams and to set up projects around their interests while managing the budget allocated to them. It is also a way for them put their knowledge into practice and transform it into lasting skills.

The associations are also a great way to help the integration of students into the school life. From the beginning of the school year, our new students join associations with students from all classes who share the same interests. Whether it's sports, humanitarian work, cooking or entrepreneurship, everyone finds a project that suits them.

It is a unique opportunity to share, exchange and live student life to the fullest.

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Clubs and Organizations at Paris School of Business

Sports office

This association allows students to practice different sports such as football, boxing, basketball, rugby, climbing, tennis or volleyball through trainings and matches.

Every year, the association organizes the ski seminar that is the biggest event of the Paris School of Business student life. 

Instagram : @bdspsb23 

Students Office

The Students Office gives rhythm to the life of the students inside and outside the campus. This association helps the integration of the new students and creates cohesion within the school, thanks to the numerous events like the integration weekend. 

Instagram : @bdepsb23


This association aims to introduce students to investment and financial education by relaying news on social networks and organizing conferences with financial experts.

Instagram : @futures_psb


Gducoeur is the humanitarian association of the Paris School of Business. Within this association, students implement many charitable and awareness actions such as humanitarian trips

Instagram : @gducoeurpsb


Starthub is the entrepreneurs' association of Paris School of Business in which students organize conferences and meetings on the theme of business creation. Thanks to this association, students create and bring to life their entrepreneurial projects.

Instagram : @starthubpsb


The Jewish Student Association is dedicated to sharing the customs, traditions, culture and history of Judaism

Instagram : @jsapsb

Rap Industry

Rap Industy is an association that brings together students who are passionate about rap music. In this association, students learn to write, create an instrumental and rap and they create and participate to musical events. 

Instagram : @rapindustry.psb

Games Office

The Games Office is the association for game lovers of all sorts (E-sports, board games, role playing games, etc.). Students meet after class, play their favorite games and organize events such as competitions and events with other schools.

Instagram : @bdjpsb

G Cuisiné

Welcoming and sharing are the very meaning of this association in which students prepare and taste all kinds of food. Gcuisiné organizes several events each year such as the Garden Party at the integration weekend, the Garden Givrée at the ski seminar, sales animations on campus or the writing of a culinary book for students. 

Instagram : @gcuiz_psb


The Media association is in charge of the audiovisual part of the student life. Divided in different teams, the association takes care of the media coverage of the various events of the school's associations and organizes its own events in connection with the audiovisual universe. 

Instagram : @mediapsb

Foreigners Office

The members of the Foreigners Office help the integration of international students in their new life in Paris. The aim of the association is to bring students together, through parties and other events on the school campus.

Instagram : @bdfpsb

Arts Office

The Arts Office is the association that brings together art lovers. It promotes creation, culture, dance and music and allows students to take part in cultural visits.

Instagram : @bda_psb

Pilots Office 

Within this association, the students organize activities in the automotive sector such as karting tournaments between the students of the school but also in competition with other schools.

Instagram : @bdp_psb


The AIFA association allows students to discover African and Caribbean cultures and traditions through events or tastings of local products.

Instagram : @aifapsb

Masters Office

In this association, students organize events dedicated to the other master level students to allow them to meet each other outside of the school. Different events are organized such as sports events, cultural activities or parties. 

Since student associations are often run by 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students, the creation of this association has enabled master's students to take part in the student life of Paris School of Business.

Instagram : @bdm.psb


The Paris School of Business Alumni Association was created with the ambition of developing strong links between the former classes of the school and the future ones, thanks to a network of several thousand members.

The main goal of the association is to develop exchanges, both professionally and personally, through networking events, conferences or even sporting events.

Instagram : @psb_alumni

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