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Community/Associative life is an integral part of our campus, helping students to get involved, create links and build large-scale projects. You can use these experiences in your CV. They can make a difference in your search for an internship, work placement or job.

You will learn to :

  • Build events around a unifying project that interests you 
  • Managing a team 
  • Managing a budget 
  • Working in groups 
  • Putting theory into practice

The associations are a great laboratory for our students to develop their ability to work in teams and to set up projects around their centres of interest.

After having acquired a great deal of knowledge through the academic programme, students have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice in order to transform it into sustainable skills.

It's an excellent way to discover the manager in them. Indeed, what could be better than managing teams of 50 to 500 students and managing budgets of up to 350,000 euros to learn how to be responsible. Throughout the year, our students learn how to work in teams and set up ambitious projects.

The associations are also a formidable accelerator of social integration in the school. From the start of the school year, our new students find themselves in an association with students from all classes, sharing the same interests. Whether it is sport, humanitarian work or events, everyone will find a project that suits them. It is a unique opportunity to share, exchange and meet, in a word, to live life to the fullest as a student.

Clubs and Organizations at Paris School of Business

Bureau des étudiants (student office)

The BDE (student office) gives rhythm to student life on and off campus. This association helps to integrate students while creating cohesion within the school, thanks to the numerous events. These include the integration weekend, on-campus entertainment, but also evenings such as the integration evening or the gala.

The BDE also aims to support the students of the Paris School of Business throughout their year, especially new students and foreign students to help them find their marks.

Bureau des sports (sports association)

The BDS is the sports association of the Paris School of Business. Its aim is to enable those who wish to do so, to practice a sport, at reduced costs, while developing relationships. The BDS offers a wide variety of team and individual sports, and also supports student participation in outdoor sporting events such as inter-school tournaments.

It is not necessarily necessary to be a sportsman since there are administrative tasks (Creation of licences, Communication, Secretariat...) or the organisation of various events such as the ski seminar, entertainment and parties. The Sports Office of the Paris School of business is a complete association, each person can find his place.


The Media association produces regular visual content for students throughout the year. It is through its own identity and through photos and videos that Media represents the school's internal communication.

We offer students a chance to relive the school's latest events and the opportunity to get into the heart of the Paris School of Business. This way, they can try their hand at the art of multimedia and get involved in a close-knit team.


The Lux'unity association aims to bring together all students who are passionate about luxury in all its aspects. We share our discoveries and participate in certain events taking place in the capital. Our association also organises its own events (exhibitions, visits, film screenings, conferences, but also animations) on campus or outside.

Each member of the association has an important role and responsibilities to enable the whole school to discover or rediscover the world of luxury while getting away from clichés.


The Jewish Student Association is an association whose aim is to make the customs, traditions, culture and history of Judaism known to all students.

Moreover, by joining JSA, each Jewish student can return to the source of what makes his or her Judaism, to discover or rediscover his or her religion, while making it known to others.


ISC stands for International Students Club. It is the association of international students of the Paris School of Business. Its goal is to help them integrate into their new life in Paris. ISC works to create a community on campus by organizing a wide variety of events such as networking events with other schools. The association also aims to help international students to get motivated and integrated with French students.

G du cœur (humanitarian association)

Gducoeur is the humanitarian association of the Paris School of Business. The association implements numerous actions to raise awareness among as many students as possible about several causes. Being part of G du Coeur means opening up to the world, participating in numerous programmes, but also meeting the personalities of various recognised charitable organisations such as UNICEF, Restos du Coeur, etc.

The members of the association learn to become active and autonomous people thanks to the tasks and duties entrusted to them both administratively and in terms of developing actions with NGOs or associations.

Bureau des Arts (arts association)

The Arts Office is an association for the creation of artistic and cultural events within the school campus. The BDA demonstrates that art is accessible to all and is not incompatible with professional life.

Between theatre plays, organising concerts, dance battles and carrying out communication within the school, everyone can express their skills in an atmosphere that is at once shared, professional and friendly.

G Cuisiné (cooking association)

Welcoming and sharing is the very meaning of the Gcuisiné association. It is an association of tastes that brings students together around a spirit of good living. The association invites you to prepare and taste many dishes and cocktails that will be to everyone's taste !

Hoping to pass on to you our culinary know-how and our love of good things.


AIFA is an association with values such as integration, discovery and living together. AIFA allows students to discover African and Caribbean ethnic groups.

Thus, regardless of their origins, non-Africans and Africans will be able to share a moment of encounter on the discovery and integration of traditional Afro-Caribbean values and customs.


Entrepreneurship is an association whose aim is to promote entrepreneurship among students at the Paris School of Business via various events (workshop, conference, incubator, student competition, etc.).

With the Paris School of Business incubator, we manage the support of students for the development of ideas, their projects, etc. This year, we are adding sections for trading (finance/stock exchange) and IT support for your projects !


Paris School of Business Alumni Association was created with the ambition of developing strong links between the 41 former graduating classes of the school and the future ones, which can rely on a network of more than 16,000 members.

The main goal of the association is to develop exchanges, both on a professional and personal level, through networking events, conferences or even sports events. We encourage meetings to suit everyone.

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