PSB Paris School of Business and the CGE

PSB Paris School of Business and the CGE


What is CGE?
The CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles) is a French association regrouping 223 schools in France, among which business schools such as PSB Paris School of Business, but also engineering schools, architecture, design, etc. All these school are recognized by the French state and deliver a master’s level diploma. The CGE is organized in 11 different commissions and 46 working groups. The groups essentially work on themes such as education, training, finances, international, entrepreneurship or diversity.
To be part of the CGE, a school has to meet strict criteria on the recruitment process, the educational approach, the international opening, the link it has with companies, the support of its students and the type of diplomas it delivers.

What does the CGE do?
The CGE is a think tank that highlights both the collective expertise of its members and the role of the Grandes Écoles in the higher education landscape and research. The association regularly releases summaries, studies and surveys, all of which serve as a reference on a national scale. The CGE also represents its members when dealing with the authorities or economical stakeholders. The association often takes a stance on topics links to the higher education field.
The CGE is also able to deliver accreditations to the programs of its members.

Why is the CGE important for students?
By attending a school member of the CGE, students are assured to receive high quality education. Because the CGE makes sure of the excellence of the programs the school delivers, the integration to the world of work of the students and the other accreditations of the programs offered by the schools, students have the guarantee of receiving a top quality training.

Why is the CGE important for PSB Paris School of Business?
The CGE provides PSB Paris School of Business with key insights on the higher education field each year, through studies, surveys and summaries. These insights help us develop our programs and maintain innovation though out the years.
Being part of the CGE also gives us leverage when dealing with authorities.

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