PSB Paris School of Business and UGEI

PSB Paris School of Business and UGEI


What is UGEI?
The Union of Independent Grandes Écoles (in French: Union des Grandes Écoles indépendantes, UGEI) is an association of French private Grandes Écoles formed in 1993. Their legal status is a French association, which means they are a non-profit organization. They bring together leading engineering and business schools that wish to remain independent.
34 Grandes Écoles (French higher education institutions in engineering and business, access to which is highly selective) are now part of the association. These schools reflect both the long tradition of private higher education in France and its constant adaptation to companies’ changing needs. Their work complements the one public higher education institutions do.

What does the UGEI do?
The institutions part of the UGEI contribute to the public service remit of French higher education and to the national standard of academic excellence. The work of the UGEI schools serves the public interest, benefitting students, their families and society at large.
The object of the UGEI association is to represent independent higher education institutions, create a quality certification and promote the development of a higher education ethic, encourage international links and the complementary of different UGEI members, promote discussions on education, research and social issues, to set up seminars, working groups and projects to serve its members.
Its object is also to represent the association’s members in any collective negotiation and to enter into any partnership or agreement in their name.

Why is the UGEI important for students?
Attending a school which is part of the UGEI benefits students in several ways.
As a member of the UGEI, PSB Paris School of Business has as objectives to advise, train, teach and develop its students’ skills and competencies in order to transmit knowledge and know-how. We also promote innovative training methods and adapt learning tools to our students’ needs and to the needs of the companies they will work at.
PSB’s faculty develops research activities that serve both companies and the nation.
By our actions, we intend to contribute to the economic development of the nation and to other international regions. The education PSB Paris School of Business provides intend to fully support students and ensure their employability by constantly striving to meet the needs of the business world.
Because we meet the standards of academic quality and excellence, and as an UGEI member school, we are recognized by the French State and thus able to award a Master’s diploma.

Why is the UGEI important for PSB Paris School of Business?
Being a member of the UGEI is very important for PSB Paris School of Business. As a member of the association, we are part of the stakeholders in public and private accreditation and recognition bodies for higher education (such as CGE, CDEFI, CTI, CCESP…).
Our school also enjoys recognition from companies for the high labour market entry rates achieved by students. In addition, the fact that business representatives sit on the school’s board and strategy development committees means that they are co-deciders as regards programs and also true educational partners. Companies that work with us are proud to associate their brand with PSB’s.
Being a member of the UGEI enables us to take part in working groups and seminars organized by the association. This helps us shape a common vision with other members of the association and thus communicate in a better way when dealing with authorities and professional organizations.

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