Rayne Richardson



Alumni of the Paris School of Business International BBA Program

If I had to describe Paris in 3 words I would say : Beautiful, Historical, Exciting!

What’s surprised you about the city?

The thing I enjoy most about Paris is that there are so many different types of people to meet, and it really opens your eyes to all different types of people. What surprised me about Paris is that everything is relatively close, and that makes walking so much better than the metro! There are all different types of nightlife in Paris, from pubs to clubs. There is always something going on in the Paris nightlife to fit whatever kind of mood you’re in

I recently discovered my treasured place in Paris, and it is a short 15-minute walk or two stops by metro from the school called “Parc de Bercy! It is my treasured place because I feel like it is a hidden place within Paris where you can feel completely forget you’re in the big city and can relax. It is a great place to relax before or after class.

What made you choose PSB?

I choose paris School of Business because I wanted to study in Pairs, but I cannot speak French. I researched many school in Pairs and found Paris School of Business to be the best fit because I can take my courses in English, but I am also meeting French people and being able to learn a new language!

What I like most about PSB, is that the staff are always very helpful and the professor included!

What did you like most about Paris School of Business?

My best experiences at PSB are when I get to participate in challenges with real companies. I feel like these challenges really give students hands on experience so we can apply the knowledge we are gaining.

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