Elena Tuan, MSc Arts and Cultural Management, Class of 2017
Témoignage Elena Tuan
MSc in Arts & Cultural Management, Class of 2017

When I first enrolled in the MSc in Arts & Cultural Management, I did not actually know what to expect from the business trips. From the beginning, I liked the idea very much because I enjoy traveling, discovering new places, and spending time with my mates in a place that is not only the classroom.


When we first went to Berlin, and then to Brussels, I had the greatest surprise finding out that these trips can actually give you a totally new perspective on the city, on its history, and its current artistic scene.


Meeting professionals with different backgrounds and working in different sectors, learning more about their business models, exploring the new and original ways they run their spaces: all that we did was definitely very inspiring. Now I can't wait to go to London!


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