Master in International Finance

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Master in International Finance
Entry level: +3 or +4
Back to school: September

Triple accrédiation

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Today, new prudential rules have given a prominent place to risk control framework within financial institutions. Skills in terms of risk management are increasingly requested by financial institutions and open up many career opportunities, be they in the front, middle or back office.

The objectives are to prepare:

- future managers for careers in market finance and risk management in large financial institutions;

- professional certifications: CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), Professional Risk Managers (PRM) and AMF

As English is the working language of all financial institutions, all courses are entirely delivered in English. It is an objective to prepare students for career opportunities on financial markets abroad, especially in front office positions.

  • The Master is designed to prepare students for careers in businesses related to the trading room: sales assistant, trader, financial analyst, risk controller, back-office manager, etc.

Advantages of the master

- The Master is 100% taught in English and gives the opportunity to our graduates to be immediately operational in a sector where most of the activity is today done in English.
- The Master prepares students for professional certifications, one mandatory to work in a financial institution (AMF), the others useful to evolve rapidly in the financial community (CFA and PRM).
- The Master introduces students to operational tools they will need for their jobs (financial information systems, VBA, Excel, Bloomberg).
- Students may decide to spend one year abroad and obtain a double degree either at the University of Westminster (MSc in Investment and Risk Management) or at the Boston University (MSc in Financial Management).
- The Master meets the demand of financial institutions for professionals in the fields of risk, compliance, internal control. These jobs have taken more importance in financial institutions over the past decade.
- The school widely asks professionals from the financial markets to help design and validate the program and participate to the education of ours students.
- The Master program of the first semester (semester 7) is a common part to all the Masters of PSB Paris School of Business, and is delivered entirely in English. The courses of semesters 8, 9 and 10 are specific to the Master and deepen themes such as financial markets and instruments, regulation and internal control, risks measurement and management.
- The courses prepore the students to CFA, PRM and AMF certifications 


Common part of all masters

  • International Business Law 
  • International Economics
  • International Trading 
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Operation Management - Supply Chain
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resources Management

Specific to the master Finance

  • Financial Markets
  • Portfolio Management
  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Taxation
  • Banking and Financial Law
  • Post Market & Securities Servicing
  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Preparation to Certifications
  • Bloomberg Workshop
  • Information Systems
  • Professional workshop
  • Master’s thesis methodology

Specific to the master Finance

  • Fixed income securities management
  • Professional standards, compliance and internal control
  • Banking and financial regulation, deontology
  • Risk Measurement
  • Mathematical tools for analysis 
  • Derivatives and commodities
  • Collective fund management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Project Management 
  • VBA 
  • Certification AMF