Ronalyn RABENERA, Honor's Student at Paris School of Business!

Ronalyn RABENERA, Honor's Student at Paris School of Business!
In the Spring 2011, Paris School of Business honored students who achieved a grade point average of 3.5 and above. Read below to learn more about the unique stories and future goals of our students who come from all over the world.
Ronalyn RABANERA was born in the Philippines.
She spent her High School years in Seoul, South Korea at an international school. She chose Paris School of Business to pursue international studies and engage in the business world in France.
Her perseverance and hard work showed in her academic excellence throughout High School, as she was active in sports, music and theatre. She participated in the Korea Mission Trip organized by her school.
At Paris School of Business, she is the webmaster of PSB Students Association site and is a member of the soccer club.
In the future, she would like to continue to do MBA after some additional work experience. When asked about her dream job, she said, I would like to be part of a team that encourages the interaction and meeting of people from different cultures
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