PSB Professor attends CMA International Marketing Summit and Songwriters Series 2013 at Disneyland Paris

PSB Professor attends CMA International Marketing Summit and Songwriters Series 2013 at Disneyland Paris

Nashville, Tennessee based, Country Music Association (CMA)  brought its International Country Music Marketing Summit to Disneyland Paris on March 1. Hosted at the upscale Newport Bay Club, CMA Chief Executive Officer, Steve Moore, accompanied by Senior VP Sheri Warnke  and CMA International Director Bobbi Boyce assembled a group of high-profile industry experts and a broad range of about 100 participants to share their views toward business issues and propose their solutions.
PSB Professor for BBA and MBA programs Dr. Phil Cartwright, who is also a CMA Organizational Member (HorizonVU Music), participated in the  program which included a look at the Country Consumer across selected European countries. Sheri Warnke was joined by BBC's Bob Shennan; Richard Wootton of RW Publicity; and Iain Snodgrass, Universal Music. Key observations included the fact that  (in contrast to the U.S. and U.K.) the music business environment on the Continent is fragmented with  pronounced differences in culture, language and audience personality. There seemed to be general agreement that a more networked, unified effort towards  market research was needed in Europe. The Summit was most certainly a platform for departure.
Steve Moore, summed up the day's discussions in three points. First,  if you're an artist interested in Europe, come early and come often. Second, focus on building the fanbase, and third, the issues around fragmentation such as performing rights issues need to be better understood and addressed.
The day finished off with a dinner at the Disney Village and CMA Songwriter Series at Billy Bob’s with Nashville’s artists and songwriters performing their hits and telling the stories behind each song. Sugarland’s Kristian Bush and hit songwriters Brett James and Dallas Davidson were on stage with Songwriter Hall of Fame member Bob DiPiero.
CMA Chief Executive Officer, Steve Moore, Senior VP Sheri Warnke, Phil Cartwright
Singer/Songwriter Justyna Kelley, Phil Cartwright, and Multi-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Kristian Bush (Sugarland)