M.Sc. Alumnus tells us more about life after PSB!

M.Sc. Alumnus tells us more about life after PSB!
My year at Paris School of Business taught me much about myself and about the world of business.  As someone with a liberal arts' background I had a steep learning curve in financial and accounting topics, I learned a lot in that year.  I developed a skill set specific to both business and management and the breadth of coursework was beneficial in providing a broad understanding of the many interconnecting aspects within the world of business. 
Our coursework focused often on groupwork - a vital skill to develop for the workplace and one which we all had to work to enhance and develop.  I was given leadership opportunities at PSB and I improved many skills like public speaking through our many presentations. 
In my position now - working to develop an advanced Marketing and Communications strategy for a Franco American renovation and real estate company, A+B Kasha - I am constantly using the skill set I developed and applying my knowledge gained from my Master's program.  
The understanding of business that I gained has helped me in my career so far, and I will continue to use this foundational knowledge as I grow in my career.
Margaret Van Cleve 
M.Sc. In International Management - Class of 2014
Marketing and Communications Specialist at A+B Kasha in Paris, France