Movember: Paris School of Business raises awareness about male cancers among its students

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Movember: Paris School of Business raises awareness about male cancers among its students
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Paris School of Business is committed to the fight against cancer. After having put pink in the spotlight in October with the fight against breast cancer, PSB now wears a moustache to highlight prostate cancer and male cancers in general.

Movember is a global action that aims to break taboos and prejudices about male cancers. Simple prevention acts exist but are not sufficiently put into practice because men are not necessarily informed and sensitized. 

As president of GduCoeur, but especially as a citizen, I want to promote the important event that MOVEMBER represents, and whose cause concerns us all. Individuals suffering from serious inflammatory diseases such as cancer, can very often feel loneliness or even shame. This feeling is all the more heightened when it finds its home in lesser known cancers such as prostate and testicular cancer. Raising awareness and informing young people about this subject is necessary, without taboos, in order to further prevent it and allow those who are already experiencing it to feel supported. Having experienced a similar struggle myself, this cause touches me enormously and talking about it can help make things happen. I therefore invite you all to participate in the beautiful project that is MOVEMBER by making a donation to the organization or simply by talking about it around you!

Yosra BEN AISSA, President of the humanitarian association GduCoeur at the Paris School of Business

A little humor to support male cancers

Paris School of Business has mobilized its students and teams to honor Movember during the month of November.

Discover the moustache actions of our business school:

  • A mustache filter on Instagram that has been seen more than 10,000 times
  • A jackpot initiated by Stéphane BEAUMONT, alumni, and Mathéo BEUVE, student at the Paris School of Business, with approximately 700 euros collected.
  • A photo montage of our students, professors and collaborators wearing mustache
  • An interview with one of our alumni, ambassador of Movember

Interview with Stéphane BEAUMONT, alumni of the Paris School of Business

Hello Stéphane, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Stéphane Beaumont and I'm an Alumni from the 1993 Paris School of Business promotion. At the time, I joined the Marketing and Communication specialization and then, in my last year, the Financial Analysis specialization. Currently, I work as a Key Accounts Sales Manager for a database software editor called REDIS Lab. I am in charge of key accounts for France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

What does Paris School of Business mean to you?

These are surely the best years of my life! It was a blessed period: we were beautiful, we were young and we did sports.

I have more contact today with the people I met during my studies than I did during my first 20 years.

It was during this period that I shaped myself professionally and personally. I built my values around sports commitment and friendship. It was truly a beautiful period and a human adventure.

In your opinion, why is Movember a key date in the calendar?

Movember "Mustache in November" was born in Australia thanks to two young men who decided to revive the moustache. They wondered what they would do it for and the choice fell on prostate cancer awareness.

It became a truly international movement and today Movember is one of the 50 largest NGOs in the world.

This recurring appointment is important because few people know about this cancer in France and, in general, men's health is more taboo.

You are a Movember France ambassador, can you explain to us what this means and why you wanted to get involved in this cause?

I was a victim of testicular cancer at the age of 34. I thought the pain came from a blow caught in rugby. If I had been less afraid to do a few things to prevent it and if I had known it existed, I would have gone to my doctor sooner. I would have avoided 6 months of chemotherapy.

So the message that needs to be conveyed is really this message of prevention, because we need to open up the discussion about these cancers and about men's health in general.

It is a cancer that affects young men (35-40 years old). It can be detected very quickly by self-examination as with breast cancer, but we are not told about it and we are not told about it.

I therefore decided to testify on the subject and to intervene with Movember in schools, companies, etc. It's important that men testify and that they know about prevention. Especially since they are much less comfortable talking about their health problems. They keep them to themselves because of the rather entrenched image of the strong and virile man, who should not have problems.

Being a Movember ambassador means relaying the Movember platform, which is full of resources! You can register for free, join a team, share photos... Thanks to this, you will also collect donations to sponsor research programs worldwide.

What message would you like to convey to students?

When prostate cancer is detected early, it can be cured and that's why prevention is very important, so take care of yourself!

And don't hesitate to create a PSB team on the Movember website.

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