How to become Digital Ads Manager

 How to become Digital Ads Manager

The management of digital advertising is an essential mission for digital marketing and the image of the company. The Digital Ads Manager intervenes in this field on the different communication supports and digital media.

Job and missions of the Digital Ads Manager

The advertising and digital marketing professions have now merged in terms of corporate communication on the web. The multiplicity of media and the targeting they allow make web marketing a discipline in perpetual motion, experiencing frequent changes related to rapid innovation. Beyond the appearance of banners on websites and emailing campaigns, social networks provide many means of communication. Video also has a place of choice by being integrated on different platforms and sites.

Thus, the Digital Ads Manager is in charge of defining, conducting and monitoring digital advertising campaigns.

The different tasks he deals with are related to :

  • Display advertising, Native advertising (sponsored article)
  • Targeting and/or retargeting
  • Videos, mobile, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), social networks
  • Media buying
  • Performance evaluation
  • Strategy and planning meetings
  • Enrichment of the catalog of sites and media supports
  • Competitive intelligence and digital marketing, tools and ads
  • Development and maintenance of supplier relationships

Skills and qualities of the Digital Ads Manager

Adaptation and listening are the two main qualities that make all the difference for a Digital Ads Manager. The reading of trends and weak signals within social networks is an essential basis for adapting, coordinating and aiming right during a web marketing campaign or simply to ensure the dynamism and consistency of the company's image on the web.

The digital ads manager must perfectly master the web campaign tools, have an expertise in the implementation, monitoring and analysis of results. He/she must also be creative and demonstrate communication and negotiation skills that will enable him/her to maintain good relations with the digital media and the various partners involved in the production and distribution of his/her campaigns. 

Among the personality traits that are valued are :

  • Inventive spirit, innovation, creativity
  • Good interpersonal skills and negotiation abilities
  • Curiosity and knowledge of the company's business sector
  • Ability to bring people together
  • Ability to question and adapt (depending on the results observed)

Education and training to become a Digital Ads Manager

The Digital Ads Manager has a higher education in marketing and digital communication. These Master's level courses are given in different types of establishments such as : 

  • Universities.
  • Business schools thanks to their expertise in marketing and specialized Masters in digital. These schools are known for training profiles with a well-developed general culture, business-oriented and results-oriented, and therefore have a good reputation among employers. Paris School of Business offers a specialized Master's degree in digital in alternating years. Thanks to this immersion in a company or agency, the student benefits from real experience and starts building up his or her address book as soon as possible. It often happens that they are under contract even before they graduate.
  • Advertising and communication schools that offer digital courses. Their programs are particularly focused on advertising, its creation and management, and allow students to complete formative internships.
  • Digital schools that offer programs in marketing and communication.

Salaries and Career Opportunities for Digital Ads Managers

Salary levels for a Digital Ads Manager in France at the beginning of their career are between 2,500 and 3,400 € per month. They then evolve according to the profile, the experience and the type of company to exceed 50 K€ per year. Bonuses and incentives are often included in the salary packages, depending on the efficiency of the work done and its effect on the company's performance. 

The average salary for a Digital Advertising Manager is $81,682 gross per year in US, and £42,500 gross per year in UK.

The career of the Digital Ads Manager can move towards more general positions and/or positions with more responsibilities, such as Digital Marketing Director or Digital Strategy Director. He can also move from the company to the agencies or vice versa. The sector of digital ads agencies being in strong development, he can also take on management responsibilities or important client portfolios, and why not create his own structure.