ESG MS Students Participate in 4L Trophy

ESG MS Students Participate in 4L Trophy
The 16th edition of the 4L Trophy wrappedup on Monday, 25 February 2013 after 10 frantic days.
Many 3rd, 4th and 5th year ESG Management School students had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful adventure.
These were the different teams:
Crew 1996: Romain DE MARIGNAN and Amin MOHAMEDALI NANDJICrew 1659: Thomas DEFONTAINES and Laura LEBELLECrew 2035: Antoine JULLEMIER and Quentin SUTTERCrew 1860: Maxime PROVOST and Jocelyn GRANADOCrew 1747: Paul BERNARDI and Karim HAKOUTICrew 2151: Thomas TOUZERY and Alexandre VIGNAL
The crews for February 2014 are already getting ready. Don't think twice about registering!Contact the association manager at 01 53 36 44 27.
Our business school’s humanitarian association is connected to this project. All of the G Du Coeur news on their Facebook page
about the 2013 edition, visit the 4L Trophy website.