Civic dedication of PSB Paris School of Business

PSB social responsability policy
PSB social responsability policy

The school is committed to applying every day the principles of education, research, partnerships and community life. This engagement is part of the campus life and as well of Global Compact of the United Nations in regards of responsible management. 

PSB Paris School of Business social responsibility policy



The Corporate responsibility of the school is based on 3 priorities:


  • Respond to the primary mission of the School by integrating the corporate social responsibility of future managers with education, association actions that students take part in and partnerships with businesses and associations.
  • Pursue the social policies put in place by the school and the commitment against any kind of discrimination.
  • Develop environmental and social management actions in order to manage the campus and research. 




Read the report DD 2014 - 2016

PRME Principles in PSB Paris School of Business


Objective: We thereby assure that our graduates will be promoting values of social responsibility in business and in society and avoid any type of discrimination. These principles are built upstream in our education and with the different activities that our school carries out.



Values: We integrate in our academic activities and programs the values of global responsibility as described in the "global pact" of the United Nations.



Research: We are committed to fundamental research and applied research in order to advance our knowledge of actions, dynamics and influence of companies in the creation of social, environmental and economical values.



Partnerships: We interact with managers of international companies in order to increase our knowledge of the challenges that they face to integrate social responsibility and environmental issues within their company. We explore the different options that they could use to face these challenges. The implication of associative partners and institutions are at the heart of our education, research and awareness on the RSE issues and sustainable development.



Dialogue: We facilitate the interaction between teachers, businesses, public authorities, consumers, media, associations and any interested group related to any sensible subject linked to social responsibility and sustainable development. This principle is at the heart of the schools engagement, particularly on the big issues of social responsibility of organizations such as: sustainable development, the fight against discrimination, responsible relations between different parties. 

Social responsibility policy at PSB Paris School of Business: A transversal dimension 



2 channels of research that address the issues of environmental management and diversity:


  • Energy risks
  • Entrepreneurship & Diversity



Regular academic conferences on the issues on the thematic of RSE, entrepreneurship diversity and sustainable development. 



  • The educational dimension of the politics of RSE of PSB Paris School of Business, founded on the wish to pass on the ethic and environmental issues to the Bachelors and Masters.
  • Implementation of the Grande Ecole conferences.
  • Business ethics, social responsibility, sustainable development and business social responsibility classes.
  • Support and training on humanitarian projects and social responsibility partnered with les Trophées solidaires. 



  • Institutional partners: more than 20 active partners such as UNICEF, Enactus, les Trophées Solidaires, EFS, Telethon, Companieros...
  • Association life: All the associations of the school are concerned by the sustainable development issues and have signed the eco-responsibility chart particularly GduCoeur association, who integrates every year more than 200 students and develop actions. 



  • The campus meets the standards of low-energy building
  • Implementation of a tracked energetic consumption.
  • Implementation of waste sorting and recycling
  • Development of shared actions with associations close to the campus

Four illustrations of the social engagement and solidarity of PSB 


Nosy Komba, a global development project carried out by PSB students


For more than 8 years, PSB students carried out a global development project in Nosy Komba (Madagascar). Jonathan Ragot, former student at the school accompanies every year the teams that carries out these developments, social and ecological missions. 

GduCoeur - Blood Donation



Since 4 years, G du Coeur organizes a fundraising week partnered with several Parisian health centers to collect blood. This action aims at sensitizing the students on health issues and solidarity between people. Thus with the help of partnerships with the EFS and particularly with medical centers near the school. With more than 200 donors every year, they have established a record of donations for a higher education school. 







The 8th National Confecence Against Denial



The Conference is unique in Europe and are the point of contact between many intellectuals, journalists and researchers on the subject of genocide. The 8th edition was organized by PSB Paris School of Business at the Paris city hall on the 28th of January 2018 about: "Genocides: How to pass on the memory?"






The DDay



For over 6 year PSB organizes the DDay, a whole day dedicated on sustainable development. After addressing the topics of sustainable development, ecology, fight against discrimination, fair trade issues, the subject this year was focused on students and professionals engaged in the creation of environmentally friendly associations and startups. For 2016, the DDay paired with the Start up Day. 

PSB Projects and Events



Future projects:

  • 6st edition of the Dday, sustainable development day of Paris School of Business on social and environmental entrepreneurship – 21st of March 2016
  • The fight against discrimination conference – 21st March 2016
  • Blood donation week – from the 7th to the 11th of March 2016
  • GduCoeur actions: 36 hours in Mai, UNICEF concert, La Jonquille, 4L Trophy
  • Humanitarian projects in Guria and Nosy Komba
  • Solidarity tutoring with Passport Avenir


Past Projects of 2015

  • The day of responsible camps in march 2015 at Campus Cluster
  • Enactus impact seminar in march 2015
  • Fight against negotiations in January 2016
  • Handiday: Professional integration for handicaps conference in April 2016
  • Telethon and Sidaction in November and December 2016
  • COP21: workshop COY21, raising awareness on campus cluster – December 2016
PSB Handiday
PSB Handiday

Handiday, conference on: Having a handicap in a Business

April 2015

UNICEF Concert
UNICEF Concert



April 2015


Enactus Seminar impact
Enactus Seminar impact

Enactus Impact Seminar

See the video


Responsible Campus Day
Responsible Campus Day

Responsible Campus day

March 2015

DDay sustainable development
DDay sustainable development

DDay, sustainable development 2.0

March 2015

psb Animals Asia
psb Animals Asia

Asia Animals Conference

February 2015

Corporate social responsibility in numbers


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