Master in Marketing Strategy & Data Analytics

master-marketing-strategy-data analytics
master-marketing-strategy-data analytics
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Entry level
Bachelor or equivalent + 3 years of managerial experience, Bac+3, Bac+4
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Marketing has more and more to be fed with multichannel data (structured and non-structured). This specialization will teach you how to produce relevant insights from those data for a more relevant predictive marketing. It will allow you to conceive and serve an efficient marketing strategy, considering the prevalence of real time induction models, over prediction ones from the past. It combines useful knowledge on how to identify, collect, manage and understand those marketing data for a profitable use.

Master Marketing et Stratégies Commerciales
Master Marketing et Stratégies Commerciales

Job Opportunities 


Marketing data scientist, market research project manager, brand manager, marketing manager, product manager, advertising account manager, market research analyst, consumer insights manager, competitive insights research manager, user experience research manager, market intelligence manager, shopper marketing manager, Web and data analyst, digital insights strategist, marketing data consultant…


Master 1
Semester 8
Master 2
Semester 9 & 10




  • Innovation & CRM
  • Operational Marketing
  • Offline/online advertising communication
  • Data computing & programming
  • Quantitative and qualitative marketing analytics
  • Marketing Data Strategy



Specific to the master Finance


  • Marketing strategic management
  • Data driven quantitative marketing research
  • Data driven qualitative marketing research
  • Crisis Management & Communication
  • Customer value creation and value-based marketing
  • IT Management for Integrated marketing
  • Search, social & supply chain management
  • Digital communication analytics & media
  • Data analytics programming and exploring
  • Data analytics for marketing in action

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