Paris School of Business is proud to raise awareness about climate change among young people

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Paris School of Business is proud to raise awareness about climate change among young people
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BE YOU - "Building Entrepreneurial mindset in YOUth for a sustainable society" is a European project that aims to design, develop and test innovative educational tools for young people with fewer opportunities to raise awareness about climate change and social entrepreneurship.


This project aims to raise awareness about the challenges of climate change and engage youth as active participants in the ecological transition.

By testing these innovative educational tools, young people have the opportunity to discover and learn about social entrepreneurship and climate realities. In addition, the trainers, social workers, will have the opportunity to fully exploit the potential of the tools available and subsequently developed in their daily work.


This project will take form as a playful workshop (spread over 30 hours) to present the tools using board games around which the young people will be led to think and try to find solutions to these climate and societal challenges.

Needs will be precisely identified using questionnaires, submitted to the public concerned. These questionnaires will stimulate a better understanding, in relation to the knowledge of young people on the subject and to adapt the construction of the educational content to their level of education.

Global warming is at the heart of debates and each country must reinvent its production and consumption patterns in order to make them sustainable and responsible.
BE YOU has chosen to act at the level of individuals because we are convinced that individual actions can lead to a collective dynamic with a strong positive impact.
The training that we will create aims to raise awareness of these issues among young people with fewer opportunities and also offer them keys to concrete actions, particularly through social entrepreneurship.
In order to ensure a socially just and equitable transition, no one should be put aside on this subject. It is therefore essential to ensure the transmission and popularization of scientific knowledge to as many people as possible: this is one of the missions of BE YOU.

Salomé Picard
associate professor, in charge of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Coordinator of the Be You project at Paris School of Business


This project, developed within the framework of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership, will be spread over two years, starting in October 2020 and for a total budget of €229,748. The amount of subsidies allocated to Paris School of Business is €50,960.

2 higher education institutions and 3 associations are partners:

  • Paris School of Business, coordinator and leader of the project
  • Universita Degli Studi di Catania
  • En'jeux Communs, whose goal is to raise awareness, lead discussions and develop actions with workshop leaders and citizens on environmental and social changes ;
  • Youth ID, which works to empower young people to be actors of change, promoting youth empowerment and personal development through non-formal education, intercultural dialogue, international cooperation, networking and active citizenship;
  • TDM 2000, an Italian association that helps to develop the personal and professional skills of young people through learning and non-formal education.

The 5 entities will collaborate at different levels to:

Design and develop the Social Entrepreneurship Workshop and the Climate Change Awareness Workshop;

Pilot and translate the content of the workshop (in French, Italian, English and Spanish);

Enhance the workshop based on participant feedback.

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