Dance to Lalaland with our students

45 PSB Paris School of Business students gathered for a musical comedy in Montmartre! Watch the video and read what the students had to say.

How did you imagine and create this choreography?


I imagined the choreography as a series of various short scenes that would mix a large number of dancers as a type of flashmob with the flow and dynamics of a musical comedy. At first, creating a video inspired by the film Lalaland was complex as we had to break away from the original choreography to get the same energy with our own resources. So, Victoria and I had to get accustomed to a new location and that involved several trips with the filming team to really gain insight into our possibilities and bring relief to the choreography. So, I created the choreography scene by scene considering the specific characteristics of the various dancers.


Ines Lassauvageux

What did you think of the filming part?


The filming was rather trying, in the good sense of the word. We had to get up early (and I’m not really a morning person) and be effective for the little time we had. The other difficulty was always being attentive to everything happening on the set: the dancing, directing, lighting, production, makeup, the comfort of the dancers... and be able to respond to any type of issue that arose. We had to be so full of energy that I nearly cracked a few times!

In spite of it all, working on a film set was immensely pleasing; the challenge was met and I am proud of what we accomplished all together.


Victoria Ghirardi

What was the most difficult part of this project?


The sport aspect. Since I’m more comfortable with classical dance and less so with modern jazz or contemporary dance, I really saw this project as a personal challenge.

I had to learn another way of dancing, of understanding my body and its movements.

In spite of having done modern-jazz dance for a few years, I really felt the physical difference between the two disciplines.

I discovered that the energy transmitted in modern-jazz is not the same as in classical. Everything is about more marked overtones and disjointed movements whereas classical dance is more connected despite the overtones.


However, this difficulty got me interested in modern-jazz dance now.

I have re-enrolled in the conservatory for classical and modern-jazz dancing!


Anael Amsili

What was your favourite part of this adventure?


The filming was obviously the best part of this project as it was the culmination of weeks of work. Even despite the early mornings, the direction was wonderful and everyone really went along with it all. We all danced with joy and cheerfulness!


Léa Carmet


What the dancers thought


I have a lovely memory of it all, especially the memory of a project that was quite special to me and allowed me to evolve mentally and gain confidence in myself.


Thomas Auteroche 

It was really nice to all get together, aside from any promo, with the same desire and same theme; it was great.


Solène Mori  

I am really pleased to have participated and the atmosphere was truly excellent!


Coline Merienne