Photo Contest #travelwithPSB

Photo Contest #travelwithPSB

PSB Paris School of Business launches its Photo Contest: #travelwithPSB is open to students and future students, candidates (in France and abroad), as well as professors and administrative staff. You have a chance to win the brand new iPhone X!

Make your PSB Eiffel Tower travel!

The purpose of this contest is to take a photo in each of the 197 countries listed, with your PSB Eiffel Tower key chain and its ribbon in front of a special place.

Where to get to own PSB Eiffel Tower keychain?


  • Students who are abroad: PSB is sending to each student an Eiffel Tower keychain with its ribbon (please attach the two together).
  • Students, future students and candidates in Paris, professors and member of staff: come and pick up your Eiffel Tower keychain with its ribbon at the reception of PSB Paris School of Business (59 rue Nationale, 75013 Paris).


How to participate?


  • Start by following the PSB Instagram account @psbeduparis and the PSB Facebook Page
  • Post your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #travelwithPSB (mandatory) or send it to us by private message on our Facebook page.


The goal is to collect one photo per country in the world. You can check out the list here.

Results of the contest

Every 50 countries photographed, a panel with members of the directing board of PSB will gather to decide on a winner and offer a price (including the iPhone X) to the best photo.

There will therefore be 4 milestones : after 50 countries photographed, 100, 150, and once all 197 countries will be photographed. There will be 4 prizes in total. 

A few tips to make a successful picture:

Don’t forget to:

  • Put together the Eiffel Tower key ring and the ribbon
  • The PSB Paris School of Business logo on the key ring ribbon must be clearly and prominently visible in the picture.
  • If you post in on Instagram: Mention the hashtag #travelwithPSB on the Instagram post + add in description the country and city in which the picture was taken. 
  • If you send it to our Facebook page: rename the photo with the country and city where it was taken (ex: "travelithPSB - Shanghait, China"). 

Recommended criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Uncommon location

If you need inspiration, here is the photo that won our last edition of the contest:

By participating in the photo constest #travelwithPSB, you accept the terms and conditions of the contest and agree to follow the rules of the contest.