MBA in Artistic & Cultural Management 4-day study tour!

MBA in Artistic & Cultural Management 4-day study tour!
MBA in Artistic & Cultural Management students travelled to Belgium and the Netherlands for an exciting 4-day study tour!
Upon arrival in Brussels, the students were taken on a guided tour of the city which was followed by a lecture by Leon Locke on the protection of the cultural heritage of European Historic Houses, and the related economic and social issues.
Students also had the opportunity to visit to the Mazel Gallery, and were given a guided tour by an alumnus of the MBA program.
Students also travelled to Maastricht and met Paula Van Bosch, curator at the Bonnefanten Museum. She gave students a guided tour of the museum and provided them with interesting insight into how a curator organizes the space to display a large collection of contemporary art. The students also participated in a seminar led by Ingrid Kentgens, Head of Collection Management, who explained the different aspects of identifying, collecting and protecting the museum pieces of art from various eras.
The final two days of the study tour were dedicated to the 28th Edition of TEFAF exhibition, which draws art professionals and prestigious galleries to Maastricht.
The students were led by their «Field Survey in Art Market » professor, Christophe Brouard, who gave them a deeper understanding about the logistics, organization, and management of a large-scale international exhibition. There were over 30000 objects for sale ranging from antiques to modern and contemporary pieces of art.
This intensive study tour allowed students to apply theoretical knowledge to a firsthand experience of the European art market, whilst meeting specialists in the art management industry.