Luxury Craftsmanship Challenge

Paris Luxury Challenge with Cécile & Jeanne
Paris Luxury Challenge with Cécile & Jeanne


PSB Paris School of Business students participated in the first Luxury Craftsmanship Challenge launched in partnership with Cécile & Jeanne. 

Founded in 1990, Cécile & Jeanne is a French jeweler known for creating products with unexpected colors and materials such as mixtures of different metals, resins, leathers and fabrics of different styles and finishes. The students had the amazing chance to meet with the designers and head marketing staff and understand the brand strategy, positioning and target audience.


On the day of the challenge, students had to use all their international know-how and general knowledge from their studies and experiences to develop one of the two challenges:


  • Increasing brand awareness on an international scale with a limited budget
  • Building brand image to attract clients in the 15-30 age range


All teams had until 8 p.m. to submit their project and the top 5 selected projects were presented to the panel of judges and professionals in the luxury and design industry. This challenge provided our students with a wonderful immersion, that they can draw upon for their future job search and career. 


On top of the excellent hands-on experience, students in the top 3 winning teams also received exclusive prizes from the Cécile & Jeanne jewelry range.