Join the Integration Seminar on Tuesday September 20th, 2011!

Join the Integration Seminar on Tuesday September 20th, 2011!
Message From the President of the Student Association
We are delighted that you decided to join our family. We know you had hard time finishing your previous school and you were nervous waiting to be accepted in our school. So, we decided you deserve an extra rest.
  The holidays will be ending soon ... Except for you! As is tradition, we put together a trip inwhich your mission is to have fun and celebrate with your future promotion. Welcome to paradise student, where everything is taken care of: transportation, accommodation, full board, entertainment, parties, surprises...and all this only for 175 euros.
Join out Integration Seminar !!!
For more information, check the document attached.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions.
Welcome newcomer !!!
Your Student Office congratulates you on your successful admission in Paris School of Business, Pôle ESG (also known as PGSM). You are about to join our schools in September and we can already tell you that it will be interesting!
The holidays will be ending soon ... Except for you! As is tradition, we put together a trip in which your mission is to have fun and celebrate with your future promotion. Welcome to paradise student, where everything is taken care of: transportation, accommodation, full board, entertainment, parties, surprises...
A MUST trip for your future integrationThe name: Integration Seminar of the Pôle ESG (also known as PGSM). Unforgettable, it will mark forever your life. It’s the opportunity to integrate in the big family of Pôle ESG, to meet new people, forget all the stresses and discomfort of the past exams and most important to enjoy yourself!You’ve got to realize that several events are essential for your well being at your new university, so think about the Integration Seminar as one of them.
It’s your Integration Seminar!This year we invade Ondres, a region of France rocked by the sun and the Atlantic Ocean, from Tuesday 20th till Friday 23rd, September 2011, in a gorgeous place (with pool, beach, sport fields and events you cannot even imagine!)
Do not hesitate! Sign up now!3 days and 2 nights of madness, only for € 175, which is worth, considering all that is reserved for you. Please note that the place is limited, although we will be more than 400!Please return your registration form with a check of € 175 (payable to ESGCI BDE) and a second check (deposit) of € 60, payable to ESGCI BDE.PS: We assure you and your parents, it is by no means a joke! Is not Fear Factor or an improvisation! Parents - be assured! The seminar is backed up by Student Office of the Pôle ESG, as well as the heads of the Pôle ESG Associations (50 people). The Directors of each school will visit students during the Integration Seminar.
Our recommendations:Take with you:• A bath suit and a towel• A raincoat (you never know…)• Sport clothing and sneakers• Your favorite teddy bear and an unusual object• One or two bottle(s) of your favorite beverage• A sleeping bag if you are sensitive to cold(bed sheets are not provided)• Your good mood• For information, no sell of cigarettes on the site• A millionaire (unscratched!) that you will be asked to bring in the bus• All drugs are prohibited• A costume for the Greek Theme Party (more information on the website)• A costume for the Theme Party “Geek vs. Gangsta” (more information on the website)• And finally a great wish to Party!
Where we meet?• DepartingMeeting on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 at 9pm (21:00) exactly, at Place de la Nation (Metro Nation), exit Avenue de Trône.
Notice to all latecomersSince we are having set hours with our tour operator, we cannot wait for latecomers. Therefore, being on time is imperative, no refund being made.
• ReturningOn Friday, September 23rd, 2011 at 11pm (23:00) at the same place, Place de la Nation.
Your contacts:Have questions? Feel free to contact us:
Name Function Phone number Email addressChristophe Associations Leader 06-22-15-50-05
Paris School of Business Student AssociationsTatiana President PSB Associations 06-26-35-45-80
Boris Vice-President PSB Associations 06-27-52-68-88
Pema Treasurer 06-80-58-60-35
Omar President of Soccer Club 06-28-58-80-23