PSB Innovation Challenge

PSB Innovation Challenge

This exciting event brought together over one thousand five hundred students on campus who pitched their innovative projects to real companies in order to win big prizes!

There were more than 1500 students, 250 teams, and 9 corporate partners including Allianz, Credit Agricole, SNCF, La Française Tech, SIG-FOX, Vente-Privée, and Publicis.
The PSB Innovation Challenge is the perfect way to put skills into practice, get hands-on experience, meet professionals, and win big prizes!
During the challenge day, students had to create an innovative project from A to Z: brainstorm for ideas, implement strategy and make an online ‘pitch’ of their project explaining how it responds to the company brief.
Working within cross-disciplinary teams made up of students from different schools and different nationalities, students were challenged to work in an international business environment.
A Jury select the most innovative projects to be pitched to the upper management team of the companies. Winning teams have the opportunity to win big prizes such as trips, Ipads and 500 000 euros to finance their start-up!