The ESG Management School rewarded during the Eduniversal World Convention in Bangalore, India

The ESG Management School rewarded during the Eduniversal World Convention in Bangalore, India
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The 2013 Eduniversal Business Schools ranking revealed
October 14, 2013. The 6th Eduniversal World Convention on business education took placefrom 9th to 12th October, in Bangalore, India and brought together Deans, business educators,academics and professionals in the field of education.During the 4-day long event, hosted by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, thetop 3 three Business Schools from nine geographical zones were rewarded and the 2013Business Schools ranking results by country according the 2013 Deans’ Vote were disclosedand published on
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A truly international event
Since its beginning in 2008, the Eduniversal World Convention has been the annual meetingfor business education stakeholders from all over the world and has seen increasing number ofparticipants every year. This year’s convention recorded 200 attendees of 52 differentnationalities.With representatives from all 9 Eduniversal academic zones (Africa, Central Asia, WesternEurope, North America, Far East Asia Oceania, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Eurasia & theMiddle East) and speakers from 17 different countries, the Convention turned out to be a trulyinternational event gathering the best of business education (top international businessschools; companies such as Infosys, Schneider; educational associations such as RABE,CEEMAN, BMDA and professional associations like NASCOM) on a single podium.
The Eduniversal Gala Awards Ceremony
One of the highlights of the 6th Eduniversal World Convention was the Gala AwardsCeremony on the evening of October 9th during which the top 3 Business Schools in the 9Eduniversal academic zones were rewarded.The Eduniversal awards are notably based on Peers assessment and are attributed accordingto the ranking year’s Deans’ Vote Survey in which 1,000 deans and business school directorsfrom more than 150 countries are asked to vote and give their recommendations on the
Eduniversal Official Selection.
This year’s toppers include Harvard Business School, from the North American region, theIIMs (Indian Institute of Management) in Central Asia, National University of SingaporeBusiness School in the Far East Asian region and the London Business School from WesternEurope.
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A rich and effective conference
The 6th Eduniversal World Convention, with its numerous workshops, plenary sessionscoordinated by prominent speakers from education sector, school visits and more than 500one-to-one meetings, was also the ideal platform for participating business schools and otherbusiness education stakeholders to exchange ideas and strengthen their networking portfolio.Introduced this year, the participants also got to take Industry thematic tours, which gavethem the opportunity to visit industries in different sectors, such as IT and Finance, andparticipate in workshops with themes related to business education.