Become a Marketing Manager - Paris School of Paris

Become a Marketing Manager - Paris School of Paris

The Marketing Manager is in charge of developing the marketing strategy and defining the company's positioning. This position combines business skills, creativity and communication.

What are the missions of the Marketing Manager?

At the head of the company's marketing team or department, the Marketing Manager is required to perform various tasks. These vary according to the company and its objectives as well as the managerial and organizational decisions he/she makes. 

The Marketing Manager defines the marketing strategy that he will deploy according to the roadmap that he has set. He will therefore be responsible for the definition of the plan, then for the distribution of actions and missions between himself, the different collaborators of the department or possible service providers, for the planning and the reporting. 

As he/she is responsible for developing the product strategy and brand image, he/she also analyses sales in order to set commercial and strategic objectives for the sales managers.

According to the distribution that he/she has established, he/she can be directly in charge of different missions, or ensure the follow-up of the people he/she has assigned to : 

  • Budget and schedule management
  • The creation of market studies and various types of competitive analysis tools
  • The realization of marketing materials: brochures, leaflets, flyers
  • Development of new concepts and/or products to be marketed, in conjunction with other departments of the company
  • The organization of events
  • Creation and follow-up of campaigns
  • The creation of reporting and analysis tools for the impact and campaigns
  • The Brand Manager also has functions similar to those of the Marketing Manager, but more specifically attached to the brand and image in terms of awareness and visibility.

Skills and qualities of the Marketing Manager

A good Marketing Manager profile must have many facets: at the same time manager, creative, commercial, and analyst, it is of course a manager. According to his tastes and his own character traits and also according to the context of the company, the Marketing Manager will have to rely more on one or the other. Thus, one of the first qualities he shows is flexibility. The ability to develop a vision from the macro to the micro, from the sales volumes to the customer behavior, will be particularly useful to him to set up and manage an adapted strategy. He also has a very good knowledge of the market in the sector in which his company operates. 

The Marketing Manager must also be : 

  • Visionary and communicative
  • A good listener
  • Open-minded and curious
  • Creative, technical, and very comfortable with digital tools
  • Able to negotiate, convince and federate

Becoming a Marketing Manager: courses from 3 to 5 years of higher education

As for most managerial positions, it is now very common to have a Bac+4 or 5 to reach the position of Marketing Manager. In most cases, this position will not be directly open to a young graduate because it is preferable to have experience in a company and in a marketing department in order to master the different facets of the job. However, work-study Master's degrees offer good immersion for students at the end of their studies and allow them to acquire the reflexes and functional knowledge of the profession as soon as possible. 

Diplomas and specialized training in marketing, communication and commerce can be found in many higher education institutions: 

  • Business schools: the best marketing courses are offered there, and graduates are renowned for their multiple skills and their business and customer-oriented analytical mind. They offer a wide range of courses depending on the aspect that the student wishes to give to his profile. For example, Paris Business School offers, in addition to its Marketing Master's degree, specialized courses such as the Marketing Insights and Data Analytics Strategy Master's degree, which is particularly interesting for students aiming for large groups or the data side of marketing.
  • Communication and advertising schools
  • Engineering schools for digital + marketing courses
  • Universities: in Licence pro and Master pro marketing and information and communication technology, or statistics, surveys and marketing, or marketing and agri-food logistics, or e-business.


Salary and career of the Marketing Manager

The average salary for junior Marketing Managers is around 40 K € gross per month. After 5 years of experience, salaries increase and are around 50 K €.

The Marketing Manager can evolve towards the position of Marketing or Communication Director (for these positions the salaries in large companies vary from 70 to more than 100 k €).