4 Reasons to Choose Paris for Your Study Abroad

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With so many potential places in the world to do study abroad, how is one to choose? Studying in another country is sure to be a transformative experience no matter where you do it, but there are certain aspects of life in each place that you just won’t experience anywhere else. Let’s take a look at what makes studying abroad in Paris so special.

1. You thought you knew about pastries? Think again. 


Fraisiers Patisseries


You may have tried some cheap knockoff versions of these French delicacies at the bakery down the street at home, but once you arrive in Paris you will enter into a whole new world of mouthwatering glory.


Prepare your tastebuds for the buttery, fluffy glory of Parisian croissants; the unexpected flavors and colors of meringue-based macarons; the creamy goodness of an authentic French éclair; and endless other goodies just waiting for you at the next pâtisserie around the corner. 

2. History is at your fingertips and all around you.


Le Louvre


From old neighborhoods with narrow cobblestone streets that transport you to a different era, to elegant, modern-day parks that have existed for centuries, Paris holds hundreds of years of history and secrets around every corner. 


Whether you prefer to wander on your own through the oldest arrondissements, take guided tours to learn more about local history, or visit the many historical museums in the city, there are endless opportunities to learn about the fascinating past of the City of Light.

3. You’re going to get totally spoiled by having fantastic French wine...with every meal. 


Grappe de Raisins Vin


Whether you’re accustomed to drinking wine or not, it’s hard to not be seduced by the laidback French style of eating and drinking — not to mention the endless varieties of excellent wines available in every restaurant. How is it possible to miss something you’ve never had before? You’ll understand when you go home and find yourself longing for a delicious glass of French wine every time you sit down to eat.

4. You’ll get to practice your french every day. 


Réunion Bureau


Language is a powerful tool that can expose us to cultural concepts we never before understood and allow us to form deeper connections to the people around us. Living in Paris will allow you to take your French to the next level by using it in real life every day, whether it’s simply ordering at a local café or hanging out with new French-speaking friends. There’s no better way to learn a language than to live it every day!