Newly-elected Student Association members prepare for their upcoming responsibilities

Newly-elected Student Association members prepare for their upcoming responsibilities
Paris School of Business students are approaching the end of their academic year, yet for our newly elected members of the Student Association, the preparation work is only just beginning.
Taking office in May, Dominic Ebighe (president), Ryan Jackson (vice-president) and Aastha Khanna (treasurer) will spend the summer working together and collaborating with the school administration to prepare for the school year ahead.
The Paris School of Business Student Association is the official body of student-elected delegates which represents student interests on a wide range of issues. Having recently won the student elections, the trio will soon be responsible for officially representing Paris School of Business students, organizing social events and extra-curricular activities, welcoming and advising new students, organizing the various ECA groups as well as managing student funds, to name just a few of their forthcoming duties.
Currently preparing the official Student Association business plan for the next academic year, the three full-time BBA students feel honored to have been nominated and are excited to demonstrate their commitment to the responsibilities that lie ahead. In his letter to Buzz Magazine (the student-run school publication) Dominic Ebighe expresses his opinion about his new position: With deep sense of gratitude to all of you that believed in us and have supported us to this length, especially at the election poll, we really appreciate you and would like to tell you that we will not disappoint you; but we want to tell you that it is not over yet. It requires your continuous support and active participation, your ideas and contributions in your own way; we need you to work together with us so that we can achieve a greater height. 
Ryan Jackson, the new vice-president of the Student Association, adds: We all feel that there is a great student atmosphere at the Paris School of Business, and it's really incredible getting the opportunity to represent such a multi-cultural and diverse group of talented and ambitious students. The level of student involvement is already very good, but of course there is always room for improvement. As members of the Student Association, we're really aiming to encourage greater student participation and communication. One of the greatest benefits to attending a school like this is the truly global student environment, and I see it as our principal goal to ensure all students can make the most of this opportunity. It's up to us to facilitate inter-student activities whenever possible.
Once again, well done to Paris School of Business’ newly elected Student Association representatives!