Annual Paris School of Business Intercultural Event at the Eiffel Tower

Annual Paris School of Business Intercultural Event at the Eiffel Tower
The Fall 2010 semester ended on a great note with the 1st Annual Paris School of Business Intercultural Event, at one of the world's most prestigious locations, The Eiffel Tower! Tomorrow, write your own at Paris School of Business!
Great students contribute to making Paris School of Business great.
In November 2010, a group of Paris School of Business students, together took on an incredible challenge: An Intercultural Event at one of the world's most prestigious locations, The Eiffel Tower!
The project that eventually became the Inaugural PSB Intercultural Event began as a small, in-class project to demonstrate the interactions of culture and their effect on international marketing. For those of us on this initial project team, little did we know what kind of adventure this business school assignment was to turn into. At one of our early weekly meetings we were met with a proposal of creating an event for all the programs and cultures of Paris School of Business. Just two weeks later the Eiffel Tower was secured, our team had tripled in size, and we were well on our way to creating an event that PSB would not soon forget.
“On the day of the event, I was standing outside of the registration office for 2 hours to greet students and VIPs. In my native country, Korea, people wait for important guests outside of their house to give a warm welcome and respect. In addition, I thought the people at the registration office had a huge impact on the first impression of our school and host members. Even though the weather was cold, I greeted all guests warmly when they arrived. I was happy for the guests showed me their gratitude. I realized there is no barrier between people all around the world when a warm heart and true smile are involved”.   Wonho Cho
It should be no surprise that coordinating the PSB Intercultural Event taught our team a great deal unrelated to marketing; however, those of us who worked on the project as a part of our International Marketing class were given numerous real world examples of things we were studying. During the planning of the event, each of us developed working relationships with people from cultures completely foreign to us, giving us firsthand perspective on some specifics we had heard. Alongside this, marketing the event, as well as simply coordinating elements like ticketing or catering, demonstrated some of the analysis necessary to determine who will truly be interested in your project or product. Certainly, if there is no better teacher than experience, we were given an incomparable opportunity to truly cement our knowledge of International Marketing through this event.  
“It was a great satisfaction to help create an intercultural team of outstanding individuals, to coach them and to guide them.“Professor Desmond McGetrick
Creating the Intercultural Event taught each of us an immense amount about the wider subject of international marketing, but working within our individual project team was also a unique learning environment. Our team was comprised of students studying abroad from more than five countries and three continents. With each of us bringing a radically different cultural and intellectual background, there was no lack of diversity on our team. Seeing our team come together to form a cohesive unit was both, at times, a trial and also a significantly rewarding experience. In the end, each of us brought incredibly different strengths to the table, which allowed us to function as an extremely well rounded and effective team.