Why a new school name?


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Why a new school name?


ESG Management School becomes PSB Paris School of Business... why?
Using a name that is easily recognized around the world is essential to compete as an international school.

Schéma étapes

Steps towards change

A newcampus
Obtaining AMBAaccreditation
Changing theschool’s name
PSB goingglobal!

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A new school name with an international ambition

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First step:
The first step towards change was in Fall 2014 when the School moved to a new campus: Campus Cluster Paris Innovation. The campus gathers companies and thousands of students from all four corners of the globe in the heart of Paris.
Second step:
The second step was obtaining AMBA accreditation for the Grande Ecole program in 2014, which demonstrates the quality of the international education provided by the School.
Third step:
Changing the School’s name is the third step; by becoming PSB Paris School of Business, the school is now equipped with a new name that will be recognisable around the world.
Fourth step:
PSB Paris School of Business is going global!
Not only has the school changed its name, but it has also strengthened its academic offer. Along with the Grande Ecole program, PSB Paris School of Business also offers a range of programs designed for international students: BBA, Master of Science and Master of Arts programs, Executive training (MBA and DBA) and short programs.
The academic excellence, innovating teaching methods, and the beautiful city of Paris is what has driven nearly 3000 students to choose PSB Paris School of Business for their education.

Thanks to a new name, PSB Paris School of Business continues to develop its international faculty and student as well as creating and renewing agreements with partner universities.
The years to come will be marked by the rollout of a series of academic innovations supported by reinforced research and, particularly, the innovation and entrepreneurism cluster.
PSB Paris School of Business is therefore ready to face the challenges of a fast paced world and an innovative higher education scene.