What is a CRM Manager - Paris School of Business

What is a CRM Manager - Paris School of Business

The CRM Manager is in charge of the customer follow-up and loyalty tool (CRM or Customer Relationship Management), in other words, he is a quality and customer relationship professional coupled with a digital expert!

What are the missions of the CRM Manager?

The digital customer management and loyalty tool for which the CRM Manager is responsible is a decisive element of the company's commercial activity. 

The CRM Manager must choose the monitoring platform that seems best suited to the company's needs, depending on the types of customers and products and services marketed. This involves both budget monitoring, the development of the implementation schedule and of course the choice of measurement elements and the setting of objectives to aim for. 

A large part of his work focuses on the management and analysis of databases, the monitoring of the tool and its regular updates as well as the teams that use it. 

The CRM Manager is also responsible for taking into account customer dissatisfaction, for which he/she must implement responses through tools, methods and treatment schemes (for example, an FAQ, forms, a chatbot or an online chat service, and even the sales consultants' arguments). It also aims to enrich the cross-channel experience ( i.e. via different media) of customers.

The CRM Manager: 

  • Coordinates the different CRM tools (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP), ensures their follow-up and their general management
  • Guarantees the contact link with customers
  • Measures performance and indicates areas for improvement
  • Implements commercial actions on the internet
  • Exploit data to identify customer needs and detect opportunities
  • Organize, coordinate and lead the MOE/AMOA teams
  • Implements the support and training of end users

Qualities and skills expected of a good CRM Manager

The CRM Manager is a specialist in how to exploit consumer behavioral data to propose relevant marketing programs. He/she masters the functioning of the different communication channels and knows how to use them to build loyalty and increase the value of his/her customers. 

  • Segmentation, marketing campaign management, direct marketing, interactive marketing, offer management, data mining, etc. are part of their professional knowledge. 
  • Collaborative spirit and managerial skills
  • Sense of analysis
  • Communication skills
  • Mastery of project management
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability and respect for processes

What studies are required to become a CRM Manager?

The CRM Manager generally has a higher education in the fields of Marketing, Information Sciences and Technology or Communication. These courses are available after the baccalaureate in various institutions of higher education such as: 

  • Business schools, recognized specialists in marketing and business training. They offer marketing courses with or without a work-study program in M1 and M2, focusing on e-business development, digital marketing and data analysis, such as the Master's degree in marketing insights and data analytics at the Paris School of Business
  • Communication schools. They offer specializations in digital marketing and brand strategy
  • Computer science schools
  • Engineering schools
  • Universities: the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises offer training dedicated to marketing and customer relationship management (Master's degree in Customer Relationship Management, digital and quality) 


Salary and career prospects for CRM managers

The average salary of a junior CRM manager in France is around 35 to 40 K € gross per month. Salaries increase according to experience and type of company and can range from 50 to 70 K€ for a CRM manager with more than ten years of experience. They can include variable parts that can considerably boost the fixed salary. Generally speaking, there is an upward trend in this function. 

The CRM Manager's status usually evolves towards a senior status with more responsibilities. He can also climb the ladder and reach management positions, or work as an external consultant to put his experience at the service of various clients.