Tips to make your online classes experience the best possible

Tips to make your online classes experience the best possible

Distance learning has become very popular over the last years, and taking virtual classes can be a good way to cope with the complexity of attending a program in school while having to work for a living as well. You can often choose when to study and can do so from wherever you want or can.  

However, since the pandemic, online classes have become the only solution to keep on learning without having to entirely suffer the schools closure. Learning physically alone and from a distance can be a rather tough experience on many levels. Here is why Paris School of Business has put together these few tips to make your online classes experience the best possible.

Treat Online Classes Like Real Classes

You may now be attending school from your home, but the fact remains that these classes are just as important as the “real classes”, meaning the ones you would normally attend to in person. You might easily be confused by this new organization which allows you to still be in your pyjamas while following a class on Strategic Management, and this is precisely why you should try to treat your online classes as regular classes as much as you can. 

Be on time, dress as you would normally do to attend school, have a good breakfast and put this brain to work! There is nothing like properly conditioning and preparing yourself to work, especially if your environment is also your personal space.

Create a Study Space and Eliminate Distractions

Along the same lines, it’s really important that you create a dedicated study space in your current home, whether you have chosen to go back to your parents’ to enjoy a little more comfort or had to stay in your apartment, which is often the case for international students who are staying in Paris during Covid.

This is important to set boundaries within your space and to separate your personal life from your student life. In other words, following your classes from your bed or in front of the TV might make things a lot harder for you to actually follow these classes and to draw a clear line between your professional and your personal activities. 

Also try to stay organized by writing down any deadline you might have planned in a datebook or a desk diary; this will avoid any oversight and will make you feel in charge of your objectives.

Participate During Class and Take Notes

This tip is of course also valid for in-person classes, but is especially useful when it comes to distance learning. Participating during virtual classes will help you better understand course materials as well as exchange with fellow classmates. You can ask a question about a project you or one or your classmates is working on, comment on what is happening on your screen, ask for additional information or clarification when you’re not sure that you understand something correctly. 

This will help you feel connected with your professors and the rest of the class, and will ultimately enable you to really take part in the whole learning process.

Clear some time for yourself

Last but not least! Make sure you also find time for yourself aside from online classes. One of the most difficult aspects of distance learning is having to compartmentalize your activities. Take breaks every two or three hours during the day and decide in advance what your schedule is going to be. 

Find time to relax and attend to your other, more personal activities. This will help you let go of the stress you might be experiencing because of the lack of time boundaries. 

You’re having trouble following your online classes and you would like some advice on how to experience them better? Paris School of Business and its teaching staff are happy to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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