Research Seminar: Social enterprises case studies

Research Seminar: Social enterprises case studies

On 5 October, Meriam Razgallah will be the guest speaker of the Management and Strategy Department’s Research Seminar, to present her research work on “Nor bricolage, nor effectuation, nor causation…but all together at different development stages: Social enterprises case studies”

Meriam Razgallah

Meriam Razgallah is an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Paris School of Business. Her research mainly focuses on social entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial processes and intention, gender and minority entrepreneurship.

Besides publishing in in highly ranked, peer-reviewed journals, she has also authored articles and chapters in professional journals and academic books.

The paper of Meriam Razgallah investigates the mobilization of resources by social entrepreneurs based on the analysis of two contrasting social entrepreneurship contexts - the French and the Tunisian. In this framework, she will present the strategies of resource mobilization depending on the development phase of the social enterprise.

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