Parisian Craft Beer Seminar

Parisian Craft Beer Seminar
After learning about fine wines, Champagne, Cognac, spirits, PSB Paris School of Business master students are now learning about the craft beer industry!
The Parisian Craft Beer is thus far a niche market in the capital, but the industry has taken Paris by storm over the last 5 years.
In France, the art of wine tasting can be considered as important as the wine itself, and this same notion is perhaps growing for this new culture of craft beer. Small brewing companies are now popping up all over the city.
Students from the master program met then the foundering entrepreneurs of BAP BAP brewery to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon. When BAP BAP was launched in 2010, there existed only one craft brewery in Paris, and it is now predicted that by 2020 craft beer will rise up to 6% of the beer market.
Students had the opportunity to visit the brewhouse which is located in the 11th district of Paris. They learnt about the brewing machinery and were taught all about beer production.
Students even had the chance to understand beer by smelling the different basic ingredients - grilled cereals for example give a stronger and more colorful beer. They also had an insiders view of the unique recipes created by BAP BAP brewery.
The tour was completed by a beer tasting session where the students had the opportunity to discuss with the two businessmen and share their experiences of the industry.
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