Paris School of Business in Wales to meet with St Clare's School

Paris School of Business in Wales to meet with St Clare's School
Professor Desmond McGetrick of Paris School of Business presented the BBA and graduate programs to a gathering of parents and pupils of St Clare's School in Wales on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012.
At this special event, opportunities related to studying abroad were discussed openly, as well as the challenges facing bright young people to differentiate themselves in the global marketplace. Particular attention was paid to the notion of taking advantage of English as the international language of business to participate in a community of like-minded learners and future leaders at the Paris School of Business.
At Paris School of Business, all studies take place in English with participants from around the world. UK students benefit from the self-development opportunity of studying abroad, while parents and family are just a short Eurostar or flight away.
Headteacher John Aguilar kindly welcomed Desmond and opened the meeting by inviting pupils and to think outside the box and to consider Paris School of Business as a study option. St Clare's carefully guides in pupils to find the best study options in the UK and internationally beyond success at A-levels.
Many members of the leadership team and academic staff at St Clare's school actively participated in the preparation of this event. Special thanks are formulated to:
Mr John Aguilar BA(Hons); PGCE (Headteacher)
Mrs Beverley Howe  BEd(Hons); TDipWP; Cert Ed (Business Studies)
Mrs Helen Hier  BA(Hons); PGCE; MEd (Leadership & Mngt.) (Spanish studies)
Mrs Rachel Smart  BA(Hons); PGCE
Mrs Margaret Parker  MA(Hons); PGDipEd (French, Italian studies)
It was Mrs Margaret Parker who represented St Clare's on a fact-finding visit to Paris School of Business earlier this year, where she met with Dean Nurdin, leading faculty members, administrative staff and of course students from the UK and around the world.
Mr John Aguilar and his team has been proactive in identify the next step for it's talented pupil body upon achieving success at A-levels, alongside other leading schools amongst the Cognita group.
Cognita groups is more than 40 schools in the UK and almost 60 schools worldwide.
Cognita group and Paris School of Business have established strong communication links, in order to help students achieve their dreams. With the Cognital Business scholarship, students can study at Paris School of Business at very competitive rates.
About St Clare's:
Our school has a strong work ethic and encourages good behaviour and discipline. As a result, our pupils are keen to work hard in a warm, friendly environment. Expectations and boundaries are clear and well understood.
Education is a three-way partnership between parent, teacher and pupil and at St Clare's we are keen to develop and promote this important relationship. says Mr John Aguilar, Headteacher at St Clare's School
Pictured here: John Aguilar (right), Desmond McGetrick (left)
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