The National Conference Fighting Negationism: 7th edition

The National Conference Fighting Negationism: 7th edition

The National Conference Fighting Negationism is the rallying point for all the intelectuals, journalists and researchers working on the genocide matter.
Organized by PSB Paris School of Business, this 7th edition will take place on 29th January 2017 on the following topic: «Conspiracy and Negationism».

« Negationism is a true curse. In a certain way, it comes down to murder a second time those who have been the victims of massacres or genocides » explains Frédéric ENCEL, Geopolitocologist and Professor at PSB Paris School of Business. The National Conference Fighting Negationism, created at his instigation, became through the years the annual meeting gathering many intelectuals, researchers and journalists in order to bring this plague to light, plague that doesn't concern any genocide in particular.
PSB Paris School of Business offers this year to reflect on the following topic:  « Conspiracy and Negationism ». The 7th edition will be held on the 29th January 2017 from 10am to 6pm at the Campus Cluster Paris Innovation (59 rue Nationale, 75013 Paris).
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Program of the day:
10h Introduction: Yves Ternon
10h30 1st panel : Alain DAVID & Dominique SOPO
11h30  2nd panel : Marcel KABANDA & Seta PAPAZIAN
12h30 Break
14h00 : 3rd panel : Michael PRAZAN & Rudy REICHSTADT
15h00 : Grands Témoins : Gilles CLAVREUL
Personalities and intelectuals, specialists of these matters will be present during the different debates:
Gilles CLAVREUL : Prefect et Interministerial Representative in charge of the fight against racism ans anti-Semitism
Dominique SOPO : President of SOS Racisme
Mickaël PRAZAN : Author and film maker (Einsatzgruppen les commandos de la mort)
Marcel KABANDA : Historian and President of the association IBUKA
IBUKA Rudy REICHSTADT : Political specialist
Alain DAVID : Philosopher
Seta PAPAZIAN : President of Collectif VAN
Yves TERNON : Historian
7th National Conference Fighting Negationism
Campus Cluster Paris Innovation
59 rue nationale
75013 Paris
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