Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees (2016-2017)


Program Duration Tuition Fee Intake  

BBA (1 year)

1 year €8,500 September & January Brochure
BBA (1 semester) 1 semester €4,750 September & January Brochure
MSc in International Management 1 year


(includes business tour fee of €2,900) 

September & January Brochure
MSc in International Finance 1 year

€ 12,500

September Brochure
International MBA 1 year


(includes business tour fee of €2,900)

September & January Brochure
MSc in Arts & Cultural Management 1 year


(includes business tour fee of €2,900)

September & January Brochure
MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management 1 year


(includes business tour fee of €2,900)

September & January Brochure
MSc in Hospitality & Tourism Management 1 year


(includes business tour fee of €2,900) 

September & January Brochure
MSc in Food & Wine Management - French Art de Vivre 1 year


(includes business tour fee of €2,900) 

September & January Brochure
Executive DBA 3 years €31,500 December & April Brochure

These fees are applicable only from the 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017. These fees may be modified without notice before and after each class and during enrollment if your registration was not definitely finalized. Please check this page periodically.

Special fees may apply to students already enrolled in the past year at PSB Paris School of Business for their re-enrollment. The tuition fees include the enrollment and study fees, the photocopies and course documentations given to students or available online, and access to dedicated hardware equipment. They do not include the mandatory student life participation fee of 75€, that will need to be paid directly to the student association during orientation day. The alumni contribution, social security fees and health insurance fees are also not included.

Special fees are applicable for the 3rd year of studies abroad, and for the 4th year double degree program. The tuition fees in these cases depend on the foreign school chosen by the student. The tuition fee payment may be divided into three installments. Extra fees will be added if you wish to pay in more than three installments.

Payment must be made before September, December or March of the corresponding intake. You may pay the tuition fees by check, bank transfer, credit card (on site at 59, rue Nationale75013 Paris), or by cash (depending on the availability of the accountant. Note: the payment by cash must respect the regulations of a maximum cash amount of 1000€ for a French fiscal resident and 15 000€ for a non-fiscal resident).

Eiffel Scholarship


The Eiffel scholarship program has been developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. It aims at shaping the future decision makers of the private and public sector, and encourages the applications from emerging countries.


The program consists in two parts that finance master or PhD studies in the following fields of studies:


  • Engineering Sciences
  • Economics and Management
  • Law and Political Sciences


The scholarship is allotted for a definite period of time:


  • 24 months if you apply for a full master’s degree
  • 12 months if you apply for a second year of master.


Conditions for eligibility:


  • Be 30 at the most by the day of the selection committee.
  • Only foreign students are eligible to the Eiffel Scholarship. Binational students can apply to the condition that they do not have the French nationality
  • Applications from students currently enrolled in studies abroad are prioritized over the ones that are already living in France.
  • Only one application can be sent to only one institution.
  • If you had an unsuccessful application to the program in the past, you cannot apply again, even if you changed your field of studies.
  • You have to send your application through the higher education institution you are interested in. No direct application is allowed.
  • Incomplete applications are inadmissible.
  • The Eiffel scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship.
  • Students seeking to prepare for a career in education or research may not apply.


Other funding programs are available to them.


Calendar Session 2017


  • Opening of the call for applications: October 10th, 2016
  • Deadline for receipt of applications by Campus France : January 10th, 2016
  •  Announcement of results: Week of March 20th, 2017


Amount of the Eiffel scholarship:


The monthly stipend for Master programs are 1.181€, along with the following benefits:


  • Journey to France and return trip to home country
  • Health insurance
  • Cultural activities


Possibility to receive a housing allowance under certain conditions.


WARNING : PSB tuition fees are not covered by the Eiffel program.






Campus France - Programme Eiffel


28 rue de la Grange-aux- Belles


75010 Paris 




Announcement of the results:


More information can be found on Campus France’s website:


Campus France is responsible for the payment of the scholarship to the students and contact institution for any question you might have on the Eiffel program.


There is a contact form available at the bottom of this page

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