Marie Alexandrowicz

Témoignage Marie Alexandrowicz
Student from Poland
Student of the PSB Short Programs

I would describe Paris in 3 words : Magnificient, cultures, mind blowing!


What’s surprised you about the city?


In Paris I enjoyed the food rythme of life. How people enjoy sitting at citable, drinking and talking. I also really enjoyed the access to the culture, all the museums, parks, architecture. I was amazed by how every beautiful thing was. It is not just the monument that were beautiful but also the streets, buildings… The nightlife is perfect. Everybody can find what they need or like, whether it is having drinks at a bar, watching soccer with a beer, going to a night club. In Paris, any place where I could walk, or sit for a little which were my favorite.


What made you choose PSB?


I chose PSB because of all of the great positive things I heard about the school! At PSB, I really liked the staff’s availability


What did you like most about PSB?


I would say that my best experience at PSB was the activities and visits organized by the school during the summer short programs!




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