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Reviews & Testimonials - Bachelor of Business Administration



Project Manager - Marketing Branding at Looklet in Stockholm, Sweden

While always wanting to work within marketing, the Bachelor of Business Administration program at PSB Paris School of Business allowed me to discover the variety of activities that could be applied in a company.

Courses in branding and strategic marketing particularly sparked my interest, which ultimately led to my current job at Looklet, Stockholm, where I today work with the Marketing Branding team.

In my opinion, the main advantage of attending a business school like PSB Paris School of Business is the structure of courses, which in several aspects ressembles an MBA. The classes are highly interactive and oriented towards hands-on business proficiency.

I highly appreciate how the professors at PSB Paris School of Business not only teach you academic concepts and frameworks, but also focus on how students can actually apply their knowledge in different circumstances.

Last but not least, the classroom environment with people from all over the world is a great platform for learning to deal with different opinions, behavior, and organizational preferences. It prepares you for any challenge you might take on in an international company in the future.



Bachelor of Business Administration Alumnus - Class of 2013

I graduated from the Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance and electives in Accounting and Supply Chain. I was fascinated with the energy industry and wanted to travel after graduating, so I moved to South Korea to work for British Petroleum (BP) as Contracts and Project Administrator.

Working for a British company, in South Korea, for a project which sources its materials from around the world- I was in the heart of a global business environment. Korea’s working culture is quite different to what I had experienced before, however, resonant of the international environment at PSB, I was able to adapt quickly to my new surroundings.

In June 2014, I started working for Shell Australia as Risk Analyst and Reporting Engineer.

In my current role I am involved in identifying potential risks for mega-projects within countless business foundations - from calculating positive financial investments, supply chain coordination, organizational effectiveness, understanding state and federal government policies, human resources concerns,  just to name a few. These risks are quantified to a cost figure, their schedule impact is established to prevent delays and miscoordination of resources, minimize quality defects and ensure safety is upheld across all business areas. I thoroughly enjoy the challenging and robust environment I work in and it continues to be a fantastic learning experience.

I strongly believe that the combination of the various subjects I studied while at PSB and the experiences I gained have been paramount in the roles I have been able to apply myself to in the 'world of work'.

I feel very lucky to have studied at PSB and hope to continue maintaining strong links with the PSB community.