In the SpotLight - Issue #9

In the SpotLight - Issue #9

Name of student: Alexi Musnitsky
Program: BBA
Nationality: French/American
In this week’s issue, we would like to introduce one of our newcomers to the PSB community, Alexi Musnitsky. Due to his dual nationality, Alexi decided to join Paris School of Business to have the best of both worlds: live the Paris experience, whilst studying in an international atmosphere.
Alexi is passionate about sailing, and playing the piano: having already won numerous prizes and certifications for both. A composer and a student of classical piano Alexi has future aspirations of having his music used for film scores.
During his time with PSB he also wishes to share his music with the students. Click here to check out his produced music.
So on behalf of PSB, we would like to welcome Alexi to the undergraduate program along with all other newcomers!
Reported by: M.J and A.Mes
Photographer: Alex On