Business at the heart of our education

PSB Paris School of Business students are tomorrow's managers. In order prepare them for their future roles, business is an essential part of their learning. Not as a field of study but rather as a partner. It is associated with student life at the school on various levels in order to actively contribute to students' development and adjust the education we offer to the needs of the market:

1.    Day-to-day education
Case studies, professional challenges, marketing projects, market studies
Conferences and debates
Around 25% of our classes are taught by professionals who also participate in the end-of-year thesis juries.

2.    Programme guidance, through:
Development council
Pedagogical audit committee

3.    Job insertion
Cooperative education degree courses
Career Center
Recruitment forums

4.    Funding for major school initiatives:
Entrepreneurship and research chairs
Classes dedicated to companies through cooperative education

Through all of these areas of activity, the school can now rely on the participation of more than 3,000 partner businesses.

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